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PhD Positions

ARPG is always seeking highly qualified PhD students. Part of this process is considering funding sources likely to be available at the time the potential student would start, which is uncertain in the fall when future students are considering applications. This causes a bit of a paradox. Admissions decisions will only really be made around February. Please note that even if you send an email to Chris, you still need to apply and we still will go through your application and recommendation letters in detail. See the note below about emails.

Student research assistants

If you are already a student at CU Boulder, please contact Chris if you are interested in getting involved in our work. We are always seeking students who are interested in supporting us in building and maintaining our robots (mechanical/electrical skills), we also seek students interested in algorithm development and software engineering. A prospective research assistant’s major and research background are unimportant; your engineering experience and drive to learn and conduct research is paramount. The three ways to get involved in research with us are a) just trying it out (volunteer), b) taking on a semester-long project (for credits as an independent study or similar), or c) as a paid research assistant (in the pay range for a Student Assistant II or III, currently $15/hour to $27.80/hour, at 12 hours/week unless otherwise negotiated). No matter the arrangement you’re seeking, please email Chris to learn more. Undergraduates are especially encouraged to consider this opportunity, doubly so if Work Study is part of their financial aid package.

Students and alumni seeking internships

If you are already in the United States, please contact Chris if you are interested in getting involved in our work as an intern. We pay be able to hire you as a temporary researcher, depending on your status (student/alumni/visiting researcher). The pay range for this role varies from $15/hour to $27.80/hour, at 20 hours/week unless otherwise negotiated, but may start as an unpaid internship until we decide on a project on which we can staff you.

Location in Engineering Center

Note: While many of our research group are approved for on-campus work during the pandemic, we are only accepting visitors infrequently. We apologize that we can’t show you around as freely at this time!

Finding us in the Engineering Center at CU Boulder is a bit challenging due to the architecture of the building. We are located in ECES 111, but frequently meet guests at the south Celestial Seasonings Cafe in the Center.

During business hours, parking is available at Lot 440. Be sure to purchase a timed permit at the kiosk. After hours and on weekends, parking is generally available at Lot 436/494 for free.


To send us mail, please address packages to:

Christoffer Heckman
1111 Engineering Drive, UCB 430
Department of Computer Science
ECOT 717
Boulder, CO 80309

Email and other contacts

For individual contact information, please look at our personnel page.

If you’re about to email us, please consider the following:

  • Are you currently working with Chris? Feel free to email him.
  • Are you from an underrepresented group? It is awfully difficult to break into the group of researchers who know each other, and I appreciate that. Please e-mail Chris.
  • Are you simply telling us you applied? Thanks, but there is a low probability of a reply.
  • Are you mass mailing every professor? Please do not email. Don’t worry, your application will still be read even if you don’t email us.
  • Are you sending a tailored “please accept me; we do similar work!” email? See the above section about PhD Positions. And even if we don’t end up working together now, hopefully we’ll cross paths and learn from each other in the future!