ColoRadar Dataset

We present the Colorado mm-Wave Radar (ColoRadar) dataset. It consists of 52 sequences, recorded in mines, built environments, and in an urban creek path, totaling more than 145 minutes of 3D FMCW radar, 3D lidar, and IMU data. The full dataset, including sensor data, calibration sequences, and evaluation scripts can be downloaded here.

For an explanation video of this dataset, please click the linked image below:

ColoRadar dataset


Click here to navigate and download files from the ColoRadar dataset.

We have organized our dataset using the Automous Systems Lab (ASL) dataset format, though our dataset additionally provides files for the photometric camera calibration and light calibration. Each sequence is available at full-resolution and separated into its own zip file.

Sequence Name Length (seconds) comment
12_21_2020_ec_hallways_run0 104 Indoor built environment
12_21_2020_ec_hallways_run1 179 Indoor built environment
12_21_2020_ec_hallways_run2 284 Indoor built environment
12_21_2020_ec_hallways_run3 250 Indoor built environment
12_21_2020_ec_hallways_run4 90 Indoor built environment
12_21_2020_arpg_lab_run0 120 Indoor built environment
12_21_2020_arpg_lab_run1 118 Indoor built environment
12_21_2020_arpg_lab_run2 101 Indoor built environment
12_21_2020_arpg_lab_run3 143 Indoor built environment
12_21_2020_arpg_lab_run4 142 Indoor built environment
2_28_2021_outdoors_run0 110 Outdoor built environment
2_28_2021_outdoors_run1 122 Outdoor built environment
2_28_2021_outdoors_run2 131 Outdoor built environment
2_28_2021_outdoors_run3 133 Outdoor built environment
2_28_2021_outdoors_run4 109 Outdoor built environment
2_28_2021_outdoors_run5 124 Outdoor built environment
2_28_2021_outdoors_run6 110 Outdoor built environment
2_28_2021_outdoors_run7 109 Outdoor built environment
2_28_2021_outdoors_run8 103 Outdoor built environment
2_28_2021_outdoors_run9 121 Outdoor built environment
2_24_2021_aspen_run0 87 Large motion capture space
2_24_2021_aspen_run1 91 Large motion capture space
2_24_2021_aspen_run2 108 Large motion capture space
2_24_2021_aspen_run3 125 Large motion capture space
2_24_2021_aspen_run4 85 Large motion capture space
2_24_2021_aspen_run5 91 Large motion capture space
2_24_2021_aspen_run6 116 Large motion capture space
2_24_2021_aspen_run7 107 Large motion capture space
2_24_2021_aspen_run8 103 Large motion capture space
2_24_2021_aspen_run9 83 Large motion capture space
2_24_2021_aspen_run10 152 Large motion capture space
2_24_2021_aspen_run11 126 Large motion capture space
2_23_2021_edgar_classroom_run0 187 Narrow subterranean environment
2_23_2021_edgar_classroom_run1 171 Narrow subterranean environment
2_23_2021_edgar_classroom_run2 197 Narrow subterranean environment
2_23_2021_edgar_classroom_run3 276 Narrow subterranean environment
2_23_2021_edgar_classroom_run4 163 Narrow subterranean environment
2_23_2021_edgar_classroom_run5 166 Narrow subterranean environment
2_23_2021_edgar_army_run0 478 Large subterranean environment
2_23_2021_edgar_army_run1 236 Large subterranean environment
2_23_2021_edgar_army_run2 144 Large subterranean environment
2_23_2021_edgar_army_run3 245 Large subterranean environment
2_23_2021_edgar_army_run4 303 Large subterranean environment
2_23_2021_edgar_army_run5 114 Large subterranean environment
2_22_2021_longboard_run0 207 High-speed multi-use paths and roads
2_22_2021_longboard_run1 177 High-speed multi-use paths and roads
2_22_2021_longboard_run2 271 High-speed multi-use paths and roads
2_22_2021_longboard_run3 331 High-speed multi-use paths and roads
2_22_2021_longboard_run4 198 High-speed multi-use paths and roads
2_22_2021_longboard_run5 239 High-speed multi-use paths and roads
2_22_2021_longboard_run6 228 High-speed multi-use paths and roads
2_22_2021_longboard_run7 262 High-speed multi-use paths and roads
calib   Calibration and config parameters
development tools   Example Python and MATLAB scripts
ros msg definitions   ROS message definitions for bag files

Sensor Rig

Photo of sensor rig

The sensor rig contains the following components:

  • Cascaded Imaging Radar Sensor: Texas Instruments MMWCAS-RF-EVM
  • Single Chip Radar Sensor: Texas Instruments AWR1843BOOST-EVM paired with a DCA1000-EVM for raw data capture
  • Lidar Sensor: Ouster OS1; 10Hz; 64 beams; 1-degree angular accuracy; angular resolution 0.35-degree horizontal, 0.7-degree vertical; 3cm range accuracy; field of view 360-degree horizontal, 45-degree vertical; max range 120m; 65,536 points per scan
  • IMU: Lord Microstrain 3DM-GX5-25; 300Hz


To be included.


We additionally include a decluttering calibration dataset, so that radar calibration models may be inferred.


This dataset is released under the Apache 2.0 license.


When citing our work, please use:

Kramer, Andrew, Kyle Harlow, Christopher Williams, and Christoffer Heckman. “ColoRadar: The direct 3D millimeter wave radar dataset.” The International Journal of Robotics Research 41, no. 4 (2022): 351-360.